Update: I am no longer looking for work. Thanks for stopping by!

As of October 2014, I’m currently looking for work an all projects small and big.

I am primarily looking for jobs within the Aeronautical industry, but am still working on IT projects.

Anything from web design, to mobile apps to Mac OS X Applications are an my agenda. Projects I’m currently working on or have recently completed include Quicksilver for Mac, a Welsh-English Dictionary app for iOS/Android and many many websites and web apps.

Projects I’d be best suited for include work on Django websites, iOS apps, Mac OS X apps, scripting problems and server stack optimisation (with a whole host of technolgoies including redis, varnish, wsgi and more).

If you’re looking for something along these lines then get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. You can also view my oDesk profile, see my feedback from clients and previous projects I have worked on to get a bigger picture of what I do.