Edit:I have built this ‘as is’ and unfortunately can’t offer any support.

Macfusion icon MacFusion is a great little app for easily mounting folders on your OS X desktop using SSH or FTP.
Unfortunately, it seems that the official app’s website hasn’t been updated for a while, and doesn’t work properly on Lion, or Mountain Lion.

However, it appear some great guys have been maintaining the MacFusion and keeping it up to date for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. The only downside – there don’t seem to be any builds of the software.

I’ve gone ahead and built the app to save you the trouble. You can download the latest version of MacFusion that I’ve built from my MacFusion GitHub fork.

If you’re not scared to get your hands a little dirty, it’s probably worth building the app from scratch yourself. The most active fork of the app seems to be Iframow’s fork.

MacFusion at work

MacFusion at work – the MacFusion interface on Lion