With travelling on my mind, it was in my interest to look at which countries you can visit with a UK passport: either without a visa or by purchasing a visa on arrival.

Wikipedia has a pretty complete map and a list of many of the world’s countries, and the visa requirements for British Citizens and British Nationals (Overseas), but I thought it’d be nice to have an interactive map with this information.

Et voilĂ , the interactive map below (hover over a country) uses data from the Wikipedia page listed above placed onto a vector map to show the data. If any of the information seems out of date or incorrect, then just edit the Wikipedia page, and this map will auto-magically update (daily). Simples!

Known limitations:

  • Data for all countries is currently not available (edit Wikipedia if you want to add some!)
  • There’s no difference in colours for countries where visas are free and countries where they cost (on arrival). Again – add this info to the Wikipedia page and it’ll be done! (If only the page was as good as the French equivalent…)

Here’s a (2012) ranking of the top passports for travelling. Denmark tops it in 2012 with 169 destinations!
Update! – the 2013 stats are in, and the UK tops the list!