voxI’ve spent some time looking around for Vox alternatives for Mountain Lion. Since the Mac OS X 10.8 update, Vox 0.3 beta 1 has been struggling to perform.

After a quick Google search, and a read of a blog post on fixing Vox 0.2 for Mountain Lion, I came across the solution. In the comments:


Author: McFly
I downloaded [Vox] 0.3 beta 1 and the BASS audio library 2.4.9 for OS X from http://www.un4seen.com/. Then I simply replaced the libbass.dylib file in the /Applications/Vox.app/Contents/Frameworks folder with the pre-compiled one from the BASS audio library.

And sure enough, McFly was right!
I’ve re-packaged a working and fixed Vox app for Mountain Lion using these tips, and you can download it from here.


I unfortunately am not offering support on Vox, but just serving the file for download ‘as is’.